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smsGuardian ? We're Protecting You 24/7!

smsGuardian helps you identify unauthorized debit card transactions.  It's not only a simple and safe way to help you protect your bank account from fraudulent debit card purchases, but there is no charge to enroll in the smsGuardian Service.


smsGuardian FAQ's


What is smsGuardian?

smsGuardian is a fraud prevention service that will send a text message to your cell phone to help identify and protect you from fraudulent transactions that may occur on your debit card.


What types of transactions are included in the text alerts?

  • All International Transactions
  • All Transactions Greater than $100.00
  • When 5 or More Transactions occur within 24 Hours
  • All Transactions when Card is Not Present (online, phone, etc.)
  • All Out-of-State Transactions
  • Any Declined Transactions

If one of the transaction types described above occurs, you will receive a text message with a special code. 


How should I respond to a text alert message?

  • If the transaction is not fraud, no reply is needed.
  • If the transaction is fraud, simply reply to the text by entering the special code from the alert message.  This will temporarily deactivate your debit card.  A representative from the Citizens Bank Bookkeeping Department will attempt to contact you about the fraud during banking hours no later than the next business day. 


What should I do if I replied that the transaction was fraud and later realized that it was not?

In the event your card is deactivated unintentionally, please contact the Citizens Bank Bookkeeping Department at (601) 736-7202 during banking hours, so the temporary deactivation can be reversed.


How do I enroll in smsGuardian?

Enroll today by clicking here and follow these two simple steps.

  • Step 1:  Accept the Citizens Bank Terms and Conditions.
  • Step 2:  Enter your cell phone number and accept the terms related to the usage of your cell phone.   Please note:  While Citizens Bank does not charge for  smsGuardian Service, your mobile carrier may have message and data rates that apply.


How long am I enrolled in smsGuardian?

Your enrollment activates the service for one year.  Six (6) days prior to the expiration, you will receive a renewal text message, and you can renew your enrollment by simply texting a reply.


How do I deactivate Citizens Bank smsGuardian service?

Simply reply STOP to an alert you receive or text STOP to 27576 to remove smsGuardian service from your cell phone.


What happens if I don't reply to a text alert message?

If you don't reply, the transaction will be considered authorized.


Do I need to do anything if I receive a new Debit Card?

Yes.  To deactivate text message alerts on your old card, text STOP to 27576 and then enroll your new card by following the "How do I enroll in smsGuardian" steps listed above.


What if I get a new cell phone number?

Simply follow the "How do I enroll in smsGuardian" steps listed above to update your cell phone number in smsGuardian.


What if I receive a text alert message regarding a purchase at a restaurant or gas station for an amount that is greater than or less than the amount I authorized?

Some merchants, such as restaurants and gas stations, process a "pre-authorization hold"  for an amount other than the actual purchase amount.  Please call the Bookkeeping Department at (601) 736-7202 during banking hours or ask the merchant at the time of the purchase if you have any questions about the transaction amount. 


What do smsGuardian text alert messages look like?

You will receive one of the following types of text messages depending on the transaction type and the number of debit card transactions within a 24-hour time period.  The message will include the last 4 digits of your card number. 

Examples:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    CitBk Guardian Alert on card 1111 for 5+ trans in 24 hr, recent tran at XYZ Company-Reply ABC1D2EF if unauthorized.  Reply STOP to cancel alerts


CitBk Guardian Alert on card 1111 at XYZ Company for $100.01-Reply GHI3J4KL if unauthorized.  Reply STOP to cancel alerts

Please NoteIf the transaction is fraudulent, you must reply with the code included in the text alert message you receive.  The system will only recognize the transaction as fraudulent if you reply to the text alert with the code in the alert message you received.  If you reply STOP, your smsGuardian Service enrollment is deactivated.